Get followers on Instagram

Get followers on Instagram

23.01.2022 0 Автор Julia

Getting the first thousand is always one of the most difficult tasks in the whole process of promoting on Instagram. Initially, until you have an audience, this thousand is difficult to gain, because the mechanics of organic growth are not yet involved, that is, you cannot rely on the work of algorithms or engage in mutual PR. Most likely, marathons and contests will also work poorly. Therefore, the question always arises of how to get the first thousand. Also you can easily and quickly get 10k instagram followers for $10

So let’s go over all the main options.

Targeted advertising

The most reliable option is targeted advertising.

There are several advantages of this approach:

With the help of targeted advertising, you get the most targeted audience. You exhibit portrait, age, city, gender and many other formats.
The second plus is fast growth. Really attract a thousand subscribers in a week.
The audience that comes from a targeted ad converts well into subscribers, even if there are few subscribers.
The downside to targeted advertising is obvious — it’s budget. But Instagram is so arranged that due to this high demand and high competition for the audience’s attention, the entry threshold is constantly increasing. Therefore, free tools either stop working or work slowly and not from the very beginning.

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Content promotion

What does it mean? This means that you do not need to do anything other than maintaining an account. You can simply maintain your channel, add posts, add Stories. Instagram has very limited options for organic growth, but it does: hashtags and recommendations. The main disadvantage is the very slow format. Due to the high entry threshold and high competition, passive promotion works very weakly here.

Working with recommendation tops
There are several tops on Instagram:

  • general top recommendations in the search section;
  • hashtag recommendations;
  • top recommendations for geotags;
  • IGTV recommendations;
  • recommendation of goods from the store.

There are algorithms for how to get into these tops, what parameters need to be taken into account in order for your content to be included in recommendations.

External promotion

External promotion means that you lead an audience on Instagram from other platforms. It can be other social networks, online in general or offline. For example, mailing to your customers. If you have a base of subscribers and customers — for example, their e-mail — you can tell about what you launched on Instagram by adding specific incentives for subscribing: talk about discounts, new products, and give recommendations.